Benefits Of Choosing an Office Plant Service for Indoor Plants

Offices have their share of troubles – employee morale, employee productivity and problems with decor and design are just a few. Then there are the well-known plagues of indoor spaces of uncirculated air that foment sickness. There are so many ways that one might choose to tackle any of these issues to have a holistically positive effect on the environment within their office, and one of the simplest is to choose a provider to offer you indoor plant service and set your office up with living plants to help you remedy some of these negative externalities.

You may have heard of the benefits of including living plants into an office layout but never really considered it, but here are some of the reasons you might want to reconsider an office plant service to deck out your indoor space. If your office or other indoor space suffers from either of these ills, consider outfitting them with plants for the following reasons.

They Make A Space Inviting
Oftentimes, offices are sparsely decorated and painted in bleak neutral tones like white or gray. While unimposing, there is a large amount of negative space integral to designs like this, with nothing to break up the monotony and exposure inherent within. It doesn’t help that neutral tones sometimes engender a feeling of coldness and sparsity. Moreover, any space with too much negative or open space can be off-putting and make newcomers feel unwelcome or unsafe. It’s bad enough when that happens to a visitor, but if you work day in and day out in that environment, it can take a toll on your mental health and your productivity.
There are many ways to fill negative space, and plants are only one of these. However, using plants to fill an open space offers many more benefits than simply filling the void. Removing negative space does generally make a space feel closer and thus safer, but bringing plants into a space will soften hard edges and help to reduce noise, which also makes people feel more welcome and included.

When people feel safer and more welcome in a space, one of the results is that they will be more productive. There is evidence to suggest that the simple inclusion of living plants into the layout or design of a space will cause a boost in productivity.

Another benefit of making an office interior more welcoming is the fact that when people feel better, their overall wellness improves. Just as there is evidence to suggest that plants boost productivity, there is evidence that they boost morale and lower stress. Stress, which features so prominently in so many medical conditions, is something with which most office managers find themselves constantly at war. Less stressed workers are healthier, feel better, and thus perform better. It’s a positive cycle that can all be kicked off with an office plant service to bring plants into your interior design.

Plants Help Filter Toxins Out Of The Air
One could potentially argue one way or the other for the inclusion of plants into an indoor space on the above grounds. However, there are other positive benefits of indoor plants that are far less in dispute and will have a positive effect on the health of those in such a workspace.

Research suggests that plants are marvelously adept at removing volatile organic compounds from the air such as benzene and formaldehyde. Both of these compounds are common in interiors as a result of their presence in plastics, cigarettes, and some cleaners.) With the poor air circulation in many offices, they can accumulate over time, and they are aggravators of many conditions such as asthma. Utilizing an office plant service to outfit your office with plants is just one way to help filter these toxins out of the air.

There’s also the fact that plants help to keep humidity at the optimum for most people, which helps mitigate the negative effects excessive dryness has on the human body and the respiratory system. By regulating the humidity indoors, plants can help your employees can enjoy even more health benefits.


Let Plantscapes Set You Up For Success
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