Why Your Business Needs Indoor Plantscaping Right Now

Indoor Plantscaping Right Now

Landscaping has long been a beloved and even therapeutic activity since the beginning of the 20th century. Horticulture has become even more increasingly popular because people have realized the importance of plants and nature in general, not only for our physical health but also for our emotional and mental.

It has been proven again and again that plants are beneficial for humans aside from providing us with necessary oxygen. Just their presence can boost your mood, add life to a bland space, reduce stress, and many other unparalleled benefits.

Plants undoubtedly assist us in many ways, so it’s only natural to want them in nearly every space you inhabit and frequent. However, you don’t want unappealing, untrimmed, and even difficult to manage plants. You need the right kinds.

That’s where we come in at Plantscapes USA. We know just how important having the right plants can be to humans and, therefore, all of our customers. We provide both outdoor and indoor plantscaping in Philadelphia. We know you want your plants to make you feel your best while looking their best.

We also understand that not everyone is a botanist, so we are proud to provide our exterior and interior plantscaping services to our clients.

One specific location that could always use more well-kept plants is inside a business, especially those that are located within a bustling city like Philadelphia. So, the question is: why should your business have indoor plantscaping in Philadelphia?

Increased Productivity and Concentration

This is one of the most important benefits of adding plants inside your business. They have been proven to increase productivity and concentration in humans just by being present! In your workplace, you don’t want your employees or team to feel unfocused, uncomfortable, or unproductive.

Those three make for the trifecta for failure! That is the last thing you want or need. However, with the addition of plants and flowers in your office and your employees’ workspace, your business will undoubtedly flourish, since they will feel more focused and productive than before.

Reduced Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue

It is only natural in any occupation for workers to feel stressed and fatigued. It is inevitable. In order to combat these issues, you can strategically place plants within your office or workspace. Plants have been proven to reduce tension in humans by 40 percent, after all!

When people feel less stressed, anxious, and/or exhausted, they can in turn perform much better. This is most ideal for your business and well worth placing a few plants around the office!

Improved Mood

Don’t we all strive to be our happiest selves? Of course, but this can be a difficult goal to achieve for many. With the addition of some nature and greenery, however, that can be far more attainable.

When human beings are present amongst nature and around greenery in general, their moods are naturally improved. The brain of a human secretes elevated levels of serotonin while in the midst of plants. Why not take advantage of that by having your employees, who are indeed human beings after all, around plants as much as possible?

Purified Air

When you are located in a busy city, there is no doubt that the air isn’t quite as clean as you might like it to be. That can then affect the air quality of your workspace as well. By placing some greenery throughout the office, you will be able to purify the air around you.

Plants naturally cleanse many of the harmful pollutants within the air. These can include not only air pollution but specific irritants that are indoors and man-made. Examples are paint fumes, plastics, insulation, detergents, plywood, and more.

However, you need to be sure that you are utilizing the correct types of plants to get the cleanest air possible. Not to worry: we know what kinds can best accomplish this (among other top plants to have indoors). Some of these are spider plants, peace lilies, English ivy, and many others.

Reduce Humidity

Humidity is a stifler of many things. Breathing, thought, silky and calm hair, unclogged pores– you name it. It’s really no wonder that many people loathe high levels of humidity, but this is especially true when work needs to be done.

Unbeknownst to many employers, humidity can be a real “wet blanket” in the workplace. It can drastically drop productivity, enthusiasm, and focus. Not only that, but it can simply make people more fatigued and irritable. Plenty of negative side effects you don’t want affecting your business!

Plants can drastically assist in the issue of humidity indoors. In fact, studies show that they regulate humidity indoors to a healthy and comfortable range of 30 to 60%.

One thing is for certain: indoor plantscaping in Philadelphia businesses is a necessary component. Be sure to give us at Plantscapes USA a call at 610-329-3935 so we can bring the best out of you, your employees, and your business with the power of nature.

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