Why Your Business Needs Interior Design Plants

Businesses across the world have been making a simple but impactful addition to their workspaces, plants. While the addition of interior design plants seems like an obvious way to add a little color to your office, more and more businesses are discovering the benefits of having a well-planted space. At Plantscapes USA, we believe that having indoor plants will not only make your space more impressive, but they can also make your staff healthier and more productive.

The most noticeable effect of adding plants is how they help transform your office. Many office spaces are extremely spartan. This is the result of an outdated idea that simple spaces would not distract employees from their work. Modern research into workplace productivity has shown this to be false, and it turns out these bland spaces can actually make employees dread spending time at their desks. Adding plants is a perfect way to breath life into your workspace without needing to permanently change anything.


It’s true what they say about first impressions. Your business’ newly planted look is sure to impress everyone who walks through your door. If your business regularly conducts meetings with clients or onsite job interviews, the addition of plants is great for your image. Having a lushly planted environment gives the impression that your business is one that clients and potential employees can grow with.

In addition to impressing visitors, your interior design plants will have a huge impact on your staff. Plants make people happy, it’s as simple as that. While there are plenty of research papers evaluating everything from the effects of the color green to the benefits of having a living thing to care for, they all add up to this simple fact, and here at Plantscapes USA, we can attest to that fact. Employees in a planted workspace will be happier and more likely to be happy to walk into the office.

Plants don’t only make employees happy to be at work, they also help them stay focused. One amazing function of interior design plants in an office that many do not consider is noise insulation. Having larger plants between employees creates a barrier that will help absorb sound and keep individual workspaces quiet. They also give your employees something to observe and appreciate in their downtime. Distractions are inevitable in any workplace and plants give your employees a minor distraction that will not keep them engaged for long enough to entirely derail whatever task they are working on.

Your new plants will also help regulate the humidity in your office, making it more comfortable for your employees. Plants do an amazing job at changing the humidity, exhaling water vapor into dry air and retaining water if the air is too moist. This means that a well-planted office is rarely ever too dry or too moist. Dry office air is a major factor in employee health, especially in the winter, as dry air makes us more susceptible to illness. This means that simply by breathing, your plants can help decrease productivity loss to illness by keeping the air at a comfortable level of humidity year-round.

Plants will also filter the air while they breathe. Offices are full of man-made materials. The plastics in office fixtures like carpets, desks, and cubicle dividers are constantly off-gassing small amounts of volatile chemicals into the air. While most of these chemicals are relatively harmless, the cumulative effect can help contribute to sick building syndrome, a general malaise that affects many office spaces. Plants help remove chemicals, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants from the air as they breathe, exhaling clean air for your employees.

Don’t have a green thumb? Interior plant services can make managing your new office plants a breeze. These services can help you pick the perfect interior design plants for your space and maintain them for you. Many of these services will visit your business a few times a month to keep your plants happy and healthy.

If you are looking for an interior plant service in the greater Philadelphia area, turn to Plantscapes USA. We specialize in helping businesses and homeowners by planning, installing, and maintaining gorgeous internal and external planted spaces. Once we have created the lushly planted space your business needs, we offer maintenance services 2 to 4 times a month. During these visits, one of our plant experts will water and fertilize all of your plants.

Our services also carry the guarantee that we will replace any ailing plants under our care so your space is always looking gorgeous. On top of plant care, we will clean the plant containers and apply fresh Spanish moss, bark, and other plant casing materials as needed. If you are looking to add some plants to your home or office, or find someone to maintain your current plants, or if you have some questions you need answering, give our team a call today at 610-329-3935 or reach out via our Contact Us page.

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