Why Your Business Needs An Interior Plant Service


Plants are a perfect way to add a touch of life to your workspace. Not only does the addition of plants make your space look better, but they also will help employees focus and assist in cleaning the air in your office. While the benefits of adding plants are clear, the issue of choosing which plants will survive in your office and staying on top of their care can be too much for many employers. Instead of forgoing the addition of plants entirely, and missing out on their benefits, hiring an interior plant service is a perfect way to get the benefits of a planted space without the hassle of maintaining both an office and a greenhouse.

Interior plant services are businesses that specialize in installing and maintaining planted spaces. Here at Plantscapes USA, we help both home and business owners in the Philadelphia area design and install the gorgeous planted spaces they need. We offer free consultations for potential clients who are interested in our services.

Adding plants to an indoor space takes careful consideration. Different interior plants will require different levels of sunlight, and our experts can help you find which plants will thrive in your space. Popular plants that often thrive in indoor corporate settings include:


Pothos (image to the left) – A resilient vining plant that loves water but can handle dry periods extremely well. They come in several varieties and cuttings will root easily in water

● Philodendron – A range of gorgeous plants that enjoy bright indirect light. With varieties including vining plants and gorgeous ornamental species with broad leaves

● Dracaena – African plants that grow a sturdy woody bamboo-like stem with long leaves packed in tight groupings, almost resembling corn leaves.

● Zamioculcas – Resilient plants that grow pairs of gorgeous glossy leaves along the length of their stems


● Snake Plants (image to the right) – Plants made up of long beautiful thick leaves that feature an almost reptilian mottled green pattern with bright yellow edges

● Fiddleleaf Fig – A small tree tightly packed with large gorgeous

● Spider Plant – A long leafed grassy plant that almost thrives on neglect, these tough plants will regularly produce free-hanging plantlets on specialized branches.


● Succulents – These plants come in a variety of different families and can survive with minimal watering for longer periods of time, making them easy for indoor care.

● Begonias – A plant for warmer climates, this plant likes plenty of sunlight and humidity.

● Bromeliads (image to the left) – low maintenance plant with interesting color and texture that prefers shallow pots and don’t require much fuss.

This is just a small list of plants that can suit the light requirements of most corporate environments. We are familiar with these plants as well as dozens of others that will fit indoor spaces perfectly. Depending on the lighting, the cardinal direction of your windows, and the environment you wish to create, our interior plant service can help you find exactly which plants will bring your space to life.

Once you know what kind of plants will suit your needs, we can also help you pick the container styles you prefer. We carry a huge variety of ceramic planter options, wrought iron plant stands, as well as baskets and other plant holders. No matter what design aesthetic you would like to achieve, we are here to make that vision a reality.

Once your new green space is complete, we also offer maintenance services to keep your newly planted space lush and beautiful all year round. Sporadic and unscheduled watering of plants will not give your plants the best chances of survival. With our maintenance services, however, you can get either 2 or 4 consistent visits from one of our regular and reliable plant experts every month. During these visits, our team members will not only water and check on the health of your plants to ensure survival and longevity but they will also make sure their pots are looking beautiful. We will check your plants’ soil and replace/replenish the Spanish moss and layers of your pots. If any of your plants have begun to look sickly or dead, we will also replace them free of charge.

If you are ready to add a splash of green to your office, but you aren’t sure you want to commit to the upkeep, its time to consider an interior plant service. Adding plants is an amazing way to breathe a little life into your space and make it more inviting for visitors. For businesses that host client visits or deal directly with customers onsite, this simple addition can make a world of difference in how visitors perceive you and your brand.

If you are based in the Philadelphia area and are interested in these services for your home or business, reach out to us here at Plantscapes USA. We are happy to offer our potential clients a free plant consultation and break down what goes into our services. For more information, give us a call at 610-329-3935 or send us an email at msplantscapes@gmail.com.

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