Why Choose Us As Your Interior Plantscaping Company Philadelphia?


We’ll be direct – incorporating live plants into your interior design can have far-reaching benefits to the people that live and work in that space. Frankly, it can have a net positive effect on the people that are just visiting or passing through. There are many benefits among them, but you can expect a suite of them, both tangible and intangible.

First, laying out an interior design that includes live plants can offer quite a host of positive tangible benefits. By this, we mean that live plants can help absorb excess noise and make an office feel safer, less empty and more inviting. Live plants also add oxygen to the air and can be helpful in removing quite a range of toxic compounds like VOCs and more from the air. In addition, plants can help to maintain a healthy range of humidity in the, and dry air has been linked to several respiratory complications.

In addition, live plants can help people feel happier and more motivated and can even make people feel more productive. For reasons that are not fully well understood but have been observed and replicated, those who live and work in environments featuring live plants feel better, feel more involved and feel more productive in environments featuring live plants.

So you’ve heard of the benefits of creating an interior that features live plants. With so many benefits both tangible and intangible it’s no surprise you’re considered bringing some indoors. The question you might be asking yourself next is why you should consider choosing an interior plantscaping company Philadelphia. Believe it or not, the answer is more simple than you might think. Allow us to elaborate on a few points.

We Will Thoroughly Evaluate Your Environment

Here at Plantscapes USA, we specialize in creating plantscaped exteriors and interiors that make our customers happy, and customer satisfaction is our bottom line. The thing is, you can’t get to customer satisfaction easily. That’s why we’re so thorough with our processes.

The first thing we do is get to know your goals and expectations. You can tell us which benefits of keeping plants indoors attract you most so that we can accommodate for these expectations. After we have an understanding of your goals and expectations, we will take a look at your setting to determine what plants would make a good fit. We will investigate the layout of the space, the amount of room it offers, the lighting and more, before we proceed into creating an interior plantscape design.

We Design and Install Your Arrangements

As your premier interior plantscaping company Philadelphia, we don’t toe the line at laying out some suggestions for your interior – we go much farther than that. Here at Plantscapes USA, ever after we evaluate the layout of your interior, we will determine which plants will thrive best in your environment, and we will design an interior arrangement around that insight.

We do all the heavy lifting – with our years of experience, it’s easy for us to settle on the plants that will thrive in your setting. After all, we’ve been designing successfully plantscaped interiors for years. Once we create a design for your interior, we will install that arrangement in your home and office so you can get right to the peace and ambiance that live plants afford, just as it should be.

We Provide Ongoing Maintenance

At this point you might be thinking, ‘what else could an interior plantscaping company Philadelphia possibly provide if they’ve already designed and installed the whole arrangement?’ It’s a good thought, and we do believe we are meeting the call of duty with our design and installation services, but allow us to dazzle you once more.

Even after we’ve successfully installed your living plant arrangements, we will provide ongoing support to your setting to ensure the health and longevity of your plants. Your plants will make you happy, and we want them to be happy too. In addition, we happen to keep tabs on an encyclopedic knowledge of the needs of many different types of plants with respect to their nutritional and environmental needs. We’re the experts so you don’t have to be – we tend to your interior plants for long after we install them, and we feel that that’s just how it should be.

Contact Us Today!

Don’t settle for the one or two services that other providers will offer you. Give us a call and we will see to your goals for interior landscaping, execute a plan and then provide for the health of those indoor plants long into the future. Creating a happy, healthy, peaceful interior setting that makes artful has never been more attainable than with an interior plantscaping company Philadelphia like Plantscapes USA. Give us a call at 610-329-3935 today to get the interior plantscape design of your dreams.

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