Easily Transform Your Office With Interior Design Plants

What’s the one thing your office might be missing? If you have noticed that your workplace seems a little lifeless and dull, it could be due to a lack of greenery. The right interior design plants can easily improve the look of any space, providing some much-needed color and liveliness to corporate or office settings.

Are plants the right solution for your office? This guide will help you see the benefits of adding plants to your office or workplace, and will also go into detail in regards to the importance of crafting a comfortable office setting. We will also take a look at the value of plantscaping services in general and how they offer an incredible way to upgrade and enhance your office.

The Best Way to Improve the Look of Your Office

You could go to great lengths and spend a ton of money renovating your office or workplace. Updating the furniture, installing new equipment, new carpeting, tile, and paint, or even changing the floorplan itself. However, you have to wonder if these kinds of drastic changes will really provide the kind of solution you are looking for.

When thinking about updating or improving the look and feel of your office, it’s important to analyze what it is lacking in the first place. While there is always the chance that some new tile or wall art could work wonders, chances are it’s the actual energy of the room that’s off. Either it feels empty and uninviting, or it’s cramped and stuffy with little to no organic elements.

These kinds of “sanitized” conditions can easily produce a work environment that is uninspiring and can be downright damaging to productivity and creativity. If you are trying to craft a more energetic and agile workspace, the worst thing you can do is neglect the actual atmosphere and composition of the office itself. While you don’t have to obsess over every last piece of furniture, you might benefit immensely from simply taking a step back and analyzing the entirety of the space and thinking about what it really needs.

One reason why office spaces can feel dull or uninspiring is that there is simply not enough visual parody in the decor, colors, and patterns that are present in the space. When everything is minimalistic and utilitarian, a setting can become lifeless real fast. Even if you add a bit of decor or if you splurge on really interesting-looking desks, for instance, these kinds of additions can only go so far.

Another reason why the look of your office may be lacking is due to an absence of color. If everything feels monotone or boring, this can be enough to drag the whole look of an office down. While there’s nothing wrong with a minimalist environment per se, you have to know when to properly mix it up. Plants, in this regard, act as great visual elements that provide an exciting splash of color that looks great against minimalist backdrops. Even something as small as a single succulent can light up a desk. The bright greens and unique shapes of plants contrast starkly with typically muted tones of most office environments, which help to create a more vibrant look.

While there may be quite a few ways to improve the appearance of your office, interior design plants are an easy and effective choice that can have a huge impact with little hassle.

Why Interior Design Plants Are So Convenient

As far as decor goes, plants are extremely versatile and convenient. In most cases, it’s easy to shift around the position of many kinds of low-light office plants, and with hundreds of different species to choose from, along with plenty of potting options, you have everything you need to create a better-looking office.

Being able to easily move your plants around is one of the greatest benefits of using plants as an office enhancement. Unlike a large and bulky piece of furniture or equipment that may only have one or two suitable locations in your office, most indoor plants can be moved just about anywhere, as long as they are not obstructing anything and are getting enough sun. This is useful in case you need to change the furniture arrangement in your office or if you want to simply switch some of the positions of your plants as needed. It also makes cleaning around them easy as well, since you can simply pick up the plant and move it to another location if carpets need to be steamed, for instance.

Another thing that makes plants so convenient for workspaces is that it’s so easy to create different arrangements, add or subtract plants, and create different looks for certain occasions and seasons with ease. For instance, if you are hosting a corporate event, you can easily take all of your office plants into the specific room you are hosting the event in and use them to create a large and beautiful aesthetic arrangement. You could also change the atmosphere of your office by adding or rotating in seasonal plants to accompany your office mainstays.

Either way, it’s easy to see how extraordinarily versatile plants can be when it comes to decorating and enhancing a specific space. Whether you are searching for a few finishing touches to add some visual interest to your office, or if you want to completely change the way it looks, plants provide an excellent potential solution.

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Making Your Office More Comfortable

One of the most important changes you can make to your office is to help make it feel more comfortable, both for guests as well as employees. The idea of an open, cold, and sterile office doesn’t really do much for the imagination and has been shown to actually stress people out.

To really increase productivity, you want to create an environment that is conducive to the creative process. You want to kindle deep thinking and inspire your employees to conjure solutions. You want people to feel welcomed and safe, not at odds with the space around them. This newer way of thinking about office spaces is more holistic and beneficial for everyone involved, and plants are a big part of the overall picture.

Interior design plants are one of the most important elements of any welcoming office setting. Their natural organic beauty, fresh colors, interesting shapes, and size variances make them useful when creating an inviting and engaging space. This works especially well in offices that otherwise lack any kind of visual interest and are in real need of an upgrade.

There are other reasons why plants help to make spaces feel more comfortable, out of the visuals. Plants have been used indoors for thousands of years and for good reason, they are quite effective at uplifting moods and lightening the energy or feel of a space.

In offices, it has been shown that the presence of plants can actually improve worker mood and even help people think clearer. Plants have been associated with lower stress levels and even help with productivity as a result. Some research has been done that may even indicate that the mere sight of a plant can help to reduce stress. Based on the available research, it’s clear that there is at least some palpable benefit to including plants in a work setting.

These benefits can be attributed to the fact that many plants help to subtly regulate the humidity and purify the air in the spaces that they occupy. So not only are our visual receptors being stimulated, there is some evidence that would indicate that our actual bodies may benefit from being around plants. This is why they can help make spaces feel so bright and welcoming, even with relatively little change in the space otherwise.

It makes sense if you think about it. Plants absorb the carbon dioxide that we exhale and provide us with critical oxygen that we breathe in. This ongoing relationship with plants is imbued in our biology on a fundamental level. All of this simply means that adding a few plants to your office can have a very real effect on how it feels. If you are looking for a way to truly enhance your workplace, adding a few beautiful plants can certainly make a difference.

Reliable Plantscaping Services

Reliable Plantscaping Services

You could simply run out to your nearest florist and grab a few plants, stick them around your office, and call it a day. However, this may not produce the kind of results you are looking for. First, before anything, you need to consider hiring the proper plantscaping services.

What is a plantscaper? These kinds of services specialize in indoor plant arrangements and will not only help add plants to your office but may participate in taking care of them for you as well. A skilled plantscaper is one part interior designer, one part landscaper, who can analyze the best plants for your office and will be able to put together harmonious arrangements that complement the decor you already have, so nothing looks out of place.

Plant maintenance services are important because while plants are easy to add to your office, you want to make sure that they are being taken care of properly. Without the right attention, some plants will wither and die rather quickly. Other hardier plants may be able to take more abuse but may never regain their former beauty if they become wilted or damaged. In these instances, it makes a lot of sense to invest in professional services rather than try and handle everything yourself.

You can’t be expected to be a plant expert all of a sudden if you want to include plants in your office. It doesn’t take much skill to purchase a single small houseplant and sit it on your desk at work, but for anything more involved, you are going to need the insight and skill of a plantscaper.

Interior plantscapers can help you select the perfect plants for your office and also put together arrangements that suit the look you are going for, as well as your corporate image. They will be able to determine if there is suitable light for certain species, and where best certain plants can be utilized to get the most value from them.

Not only this, a reputable plantscaping company will be able to come in and regularly maintain your plants so you don’t have to. Not only will they be able to prune them and keep them at peak health, but the right plantscapers can make suggestions and help keep your arrangement fresh and lively with new additions and adjustments as needed.

If you are interested in adding a beautiful and inspiring plant arrangement to your office setting and need a professional plant maintenance service to assist you, you’re in luck. Here at Plantscapes USA, we cater to businesses of all sizes and can craft a wide array of different arrangements for your workplace.

From contemporary interiors to more traditional-style offices, we know exactly what plants to use and how to match potting options to the decor in order to create stylish arrangements that will completely enhance any space and help it feel more lively and refreshing. If you know your office suffers from that dull and empty energy that plagues so many corporate spaces, get in touch with us and we will help you change everything around.

There’s no need to worry about not having a green thumb either. Here at Plantscapes USA, we offer complete plant maintenance services to businesses in the Philadelphia area. No matter what your needs are, we can help keep your plants healthy and thriving throughout the year. Our expert plantscapers can help you organize and arrange your plants, create unique and visually appealing designs, and make sure all of your plants are nicely pruned and well taken care of. We can even address the needs of the plants you already have in your office, in case you find that you can no longer take care of them yourself. Call us today!

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