Make A Happier EnvironmentWith Interior Plantscaping Services

Posted on: April 23rd, 2019 by Beth Blinebury

There are scores of great reasons to include plants in your office decor in Philadelphia. A knowledgeable interior plant service will create an aesthetically pleasing design to compliment the decor of your business, drawing attention to areas that could otherwise go unnoticed and hiding less pleasing elements. Plants can create welcoming, professional environments in which color, warmth and beauty enhance each setting. This makes customers feel welcome and encourages them to stay longer.

Thoughtfully designed interior plantscapes can cut down on noise and minimize distractions. Plants help regulate temperature and humidity and they clean the air. Some studies have shown that plants can combat seasonal illnesses caused by “sick building syndrome.” Other studies have shown that plants can boost mood and morale, which in turn can increase productivity and employee retention.

Having plants in a work environment also shows outsiders how the company tends to details and cares about the particulars or doing, enacting, and carrying out their services to customers. Healthy plants can be an indicator of the health of a company and sends a message regarding their focus and dedication to their employees and customers. With all of these benefits, indoor plants offer an excellent return on investment. That’s why the use of an interior plant service is growing in popularity.

Plantscapes USA specializes in design, installation, and maintenance of live plants in both interior and exterior settings in the Philadelphia area. Interior landscaping provides spaces with ornament, color, sculptural elements, focal points, and an overall pleasant environment.

Take The Guesswork (And Work) Out by Using an Interior Plant Service
You are probably wondering why you should use an interior plant service.After all, it can’t be that hard to throw a couple of plants in pots and water them occasionally right? Simply choosing plants because they look appealing or seem easy to care for will not take into account the specific conditions and needs of your environment. Our plant service professionals will assess your lighting, humidity, temperature, and space requirements. This allows us to create an interior plantscape that will give you the most benefits while looking great season after season.

Once we have worked with you to select the perfect plants for your Philadelphia-based business, we will continue to ensure that you have beautiful and healthy interior plants with our maintenance services and exclusive replacement guarantee. We will take care of all of the watering, fertilizing, pruning and other care needed to keep your interior plantscapes beautiful and healthy all year round. If any of our plants deteriorate while under our care, we will replace them free of charge! Take the hassle out of creating a more pleasing environment in your business by utilizing Philadelphia’s top interior plant service professionals. Contact Plantscapes USAto keep your plants and stellar condition and get your free consultation, today!

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