The Many Benefits Of Indoor Office Plants

When it comes to making small changes that can really brighten up an indoor space, you can’t beat adding plants. Office spaces are rarely exciting places, and plants can add life and color to an otherwise spartan space. While adding indoor plants to your office may sound like an unnecessary expense, businesses around the world are noticing that planting an office will increase its productivity. While there is no singular reason for this, there are several positive correlations.

Plants make a space feel more comfortable. There are many proposed psychological explanations for this effect but the end results are the same. When you add plants to a space, people are more comfortable in that space. Whether it’s the color green or the fresh air plants are exhaling, it is hard to deny that any bland room couldn’t be improved by adding some plants to it.

Making your space inviting will create an amazing first impression for visitors. If clients are regularly visiting your office having plants, especially in your reception area, will help give the impression that your office is a warm place full of life and happy employees. It can also help to make them feel a little more at home in an otherwise foreign space. The office environment created by indoor plants can also make potential employees more excited about joining your team.

Your new indoor office plants will also have a positive impact on your current employees. It’s no secret that most employees don’t wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning. While a few plants may not make your employees more excited to get up and go to work, they can make them happier to be in the office once they get there.
sjsjshsghsgssssA planted environment will be a more productive environment. When employees are happy, they are far more likely to feel engaged in their work. Plants also offer a brief, yet non-engaging distraction. Staring over at a plant is pleasant and can provide a tiny mental break, but they do not draw you in like an article or a video. I’ll even part the curtain here and say that I have occasionally stared at the Dracaena next to me while writing this, but my phone has remained untouched.

Plants also provide another valuable service for a communal workspace, they absorb sound. While they are not amazing sounds insulators (you certainly won’t see ivy replacing egg crate foam in studios) large plants do provide a natural barrier. By blocking both line of sight and sound, these plants will make it far easier for your employees to focus on their work instead of each other.

Plants don’t just affect us psychologically, then can have a significant physical impact. As everyone knows, plants inhale CO2 and exhale oxygen. In addition to this basic function, your plants will also inhale other airborne chemicals. Offices are filled with artificial materials, from carpets to furniture. Plastics and other materials will commonly “off-gas” volatile organic chemicals into the air. Plants will soak up these chemicals, helping to purify the air in your office. In office buildings where the air is circulated, this filtration can help protect your employees from the dreaded sick building syndrome. Illness can spread like wildfire in large buildings and having plants in your office can act as a sort of “fire break” against this issue.

In addition to filtering the air, your indoor office plants will also help maintain humidity. When plants exhale oxygen, they also release water. If you place a plant in a bag, the inside of the bag will be covered in condensation by the end of the day. Dry air is a leading cause of illness in office environments, so this natural humidifier is a perfect way to keep the air and your employees comfortable.

Reaping all of these benefits does not require a green thumb. Hiring a plant maintenance service is a convenient way to reap the benefits of indoor office plants without having to worry about maintaining your plants. Here at Plantscapes USA, we offer our services to businesses and individuals within the greater Philadelphia area. Our plant experts visit our clients 2 or 4 times a month to maintain their plants and we replace any dead or dying plants free of charge.

If your business would like to experience the benefits of adding indoor office plants, hiring a plant service is an amazing way to keep your office plants green and healthy year-round. If you are based around Philadelphia and would like a free plant consultation for your office space, reach out to our team at 610-329-3935 or Whatever plant vision you have for your office space, our team is here to help you make it a reality.

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