Perfect Outdoor Garden Plants for Your Home in Philadelphia

Posted on: May 1st, 2019 by Beth Blinebury

Regardless of where you live in Philadelphia, Plantscapes USA can customize beautiful outdoor garden plants for your home! We can take any balcony, patio, deck, front or back yard and make them come alive with a beautiful plantscape. Depending on the size and location, we will recommend garden plants that can flourish in any outdoor environment right at your Philly home.

Outdoor Garden Escapes for the Smallest Spaces
Is the only space at your Philadelphia home for some lush greenery a small balcony or deck? Our team at Plantscapes can create a beautiful oasis using the small square footage you have available. We can line your deck with wooden potters, ornate stone planters, or something simple yet chic. First, we recommend plants like the Tall Morning Glory or the Spider Plant because they flourish in Philly and can last through the seasons. It’s important to us that we only recommend garden plants that will work for your specific outdoorlocation, climate, and available light. Next, we’ll work with you to select pots and containers that both suit your decor and that can accommodate for the plants while they grow. Once you’re happy with the outdoor garden plants and the arrangement we’ve customized for your small outdoor space, we’ll come right to your home in Philadelphia and maintain them for you!

Here is a list of some of the services we can provide for you to take care of your plants so you can simply enjoy them:

● Weekly visits by trained technicians from Plantscapes USA
● Ensure your outdoor plants are receiving adequate water
● Fertilization of all plant life for healthy growth
● Cleansing and shining of foliage when necessary
● Pruning/removal of any undesirable foliage
● Repotting, if necessary, with fresh moss
● Regular inspections for pest and plant disease with appropriate treatment as necessary
● Water fountain environments, statuary and garden seating to improve the atmosphere of your outdoor space

All the Outdoor Garden Plants You Need
Step outside into an oasis at your home whether it is a condo, apartment, or something in between. Bring energy and life into your outdoor space in downtown Philly with a custom plantscape for your home that all you have to do is enjoy –we at Plantscapes USA will care for it! Contact us today with any of your questions about what we can do for your outdoor space.

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