Plantscapes USA Has Fine Interior Plant Designs for Every Philadelphia Home

There are lots of things to consider when you’re deciding on adding a collection of plants to your interiors. Sure, the garden centers and stores have a beautiful array of plants that look so lush, green and inviting. That doesn’t mean, though, that these plants will feel at home in your home. The fact is, every plant is different and every plant requires a certain environment and type of care for it to thrive. The trick is to find the plant that works in the unique climate of your condo or house. Sometimes that can be hard to do and that’s why interior plant maintenance services Philadelphia based is often required.

You see, just like plants, Philadelphia apartments come in many different varieties, shapes, and sizes. There are those small basement studios that get very little light, those big spacious, industrial style lofts with floor to ceiling windows that keep the space bathed in bright, nearly unceasing sun, and then there is everything in between. Some apartments have balconies, window seats, and entryways that just seem to be begging for a fiddle leaf fig tree or ficus to complete the decor. While there are other apartments that are pretty simple and lacking in architectural drama, they just seem to be square rooms and windows. Yet it doesn’t matter the style of your home, whether it is a brownstone, row house, tiny studio, or luxury high rise, any of these spaces can have plants (as can every home), it’s simply a matter of finding the proper foliage selection for the humidity levels and light sources in every room.

Now maybe you’ve tried plants in your home before and you’re just convinced that you’re not good with them and you’re fairly certain, too, that your space just isn’t plant friendly. If you feel this way, then you need to consider help with interior plant maintenance services Philadelphia from Plantscapes USA. Our talented plant technicians will come to your home, taking note of the temperature and humidity levels, light intensity and sources, and we will determine what plants will work best there. Through careful consideration, we will decide where and when plants should be installed. The best thing is, this horticulture consultation from Plantscapes USA is totally free. When we decide on the plants and their proper placement in your home, we will design a payment plan that works for you and then we’ll get to work. We will take care of your plants so that you don’t have to. After we’ve completed the installation, the only thing you have to do is relax, look around and appreciate the beauty of a home filled with plants.

With the foliage experts at Plantscapes USA taking care of your interior plant maintenance services Philadelphia, you’ll never have to worry or wonder about anything pertaining to your plant’s upkeep and care. That’s because we do everything for you, visiting weekly to feed, water, and fertilize your plants, polish the pots and containers, repot them if need be, and replenish the soil with moss, and we will do anything that we can to love, take care of, and otherwise nurture your plants.

This is why Plantscapes USA interior plant maintenance services Philadelphia really is the perfect plant maintenance solution for every room in the home. That’s because plants aren’t merely decorative additions to the household. There much more than a collection of pretty and polished green leaves and fronds. Studies have shown that houseplants not only beautify interiors, they also purify the air, and they have been shown to elevate and improve the mood. When you fill a room with dracaena, ivy, cacti, and succulents, and you are surrounded by their quiet mystery and beauty, you just can’t help but feel better. They’re also a perfect way to stay upbeat during those long grey winter days.

What’s more, they make a must addition in homes with temperamental teenagers. Just add a few plants to their bedroom and it just might help relieve the stress that comes from increasing responsibilities and peer pressure. When your kids retreat to their rooms after a trying day at school and see the serene arrangement of lush, green plants throughout, it will brighten their mood. If you’re uncertain about the kind of plants that are ideal for teens to nurture, PlantscapesmUSA can assist with those decisions. We know and will select just the variety of plants which are easy for teens to care for and are great for beginners to manage and look after.

Plantscapes USA can help with every type of interior plant maintenance services Philadelphia based. Whether it’s assistance with and care of an existing plant arrangement, it involves installing a collection of plants in a home that needs them, or if you simply would like us to introduce your teen or young adult to the wonder and beauty of houseplants. Whatever service you require, we’re excited to get started, so contact us for a free consultation now.

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