How Plantscapes USA Provides the Best Indoor Plant Maintenance in Philadelphia

Philadelphia apartments and condos are often very beautiful. This city’s got history and it’s obvious in the architecture – stately Colonials, Victorian-era brownstones, quaint row homes, and modern high rises combine to create stunning scenery and settings in every neighborhood from University City to the Art Museum area to Queen Village and Bella Vista. If you’ve got an apartment or condo in this city, most likely it comes with some exquisite design features such as high ceilings, hardwood floors, and picture windows, not to mention the fine furnishings and art that you’ve selected so that your space feels like home.

But what about plants? To create a truly comfortable and inviting space, your rooms need some sort of lush greenery, preferably a wide array of many plant varieties. Now, you may be resistant to the idea of adding some plants to your decor because you’re concerned about the upkeep that’s involved. Well, you don’t have anything to worry about that. You can have a home filled with a thriving and totally stunning collection of plants. It’s just so simple; all you need is some assistance from the experts at Plantscapes USA for indoor plant maintenance Philadelphia.

Whether your place gets lots of bright sunlight the whole day through or it tends to be a bit shadier, it doesn’t matter. The fact is, any home can have plants. That’s because there’s a plant for every kind of environment. There’s some that love direct sunlight, while others thrive in diffused light; some need lots of water, others not so much.

Of course, there are some other things that you need to consider such as your home’s humidity levels, and then there’s the proper pot and container selection, the plant leaves and fronds that will always need polishing, there’s the do’s and dont’s of plant fertilizer, the ever important soil maintenance, and so much more. Yet you don’t have to stress about any of this when you’ve got Plantscapes USA doing the work for you. We take care of everything so that you don’t have to. What we do is select just the perfect kind of plants that will thrive in your home’s environment and make your home inviting.

We get it. The fact is, whether it’s work stress, keeping a house full of moody teens content, or keeping your household going with cleaning and cooking, you’ve got so much work to do. You just don’t want to have anything else to worry about, especially not something like when to water, feed, or repot your plants.

What you want though is their comforting, air purifying presence in your home. You just want to appreciate their beauty and let someone else take care of them. That’s where the talented plant technicians at Plantscapes USA come in. You see, they will do the feeding, watering, repotting, soil and container maintenance, and anything else your plants might require.

They’ll come by every week for as long as you need indoor plant maintenance Philadelphia, and they can even add some plants to your bedrooms. Plantscapes USA will select the type of plants that teens can nurture, and these plants will beautify their space and may even help soothe and calm their mood and stress levels, which will certainly make your home a much more pleasant place.

When we’re done filling your home’s interiors with fiddle leaf fig trees, cacti, dracaena, and hopefully calming the temperaments of your kids, why not let us get to work on your home’s exteriors? Yes, we’re trying to say that we don’t just do indoor plant maintenance Philadelphia. Especially now that the weather is starting to get better and we’re heading into peak plant growing season, your exteriors just have to be ready.

We can create an outdoor zen garden for your balcony, which would be a peaceful spot for you, your spouse, your kids, and your friends to relax and unwind after work or school. We can add outside greenery to your home that will thrive throughout the seasons, provide the perfect pots for exterior plants that will complement your home, condo, or apartment design features, whether that includes dramatic arches, balconies, deck or back sitting areas. More importantly, we can and we will create that perfectly lush plant-filled outdoor scenery that looks so beautiful as the weather heats up and we head into spring and summer.

So whether you need some plants for your home’s exteriors, or simply require some indoor plant maintenance Philadelphia, just contact the talented plant technicians at Plantscapes USA. We’ll come by and do a free horticulture consultation and then we will get to work on a plant design that’s just perfect for your home. Contact us now to brighten up your space and add some plants to the home scenery, and much more.

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