Is that Seasonal Sadness Getting You Down? Then Add Some Plants to Your Indoor Scenery to Improve Your Mood

Sometimes those grey days and long winter nights can get us down. There’s even a name for that gloomy, glum depressive state many of us sink into – SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. The fact is, the change in the duration and the intensity of the sunrays can change your mood too, and not for the better. You might find that you lack energy and want to load up on carb-heavy snacks and sweets, you might find it hard to sleep, or you might find it harder still to get out of bed and get into work. Everything around you seems to be just like the weather, flat, grey, dull. One of the things that can help with you SAD is an indoor plant. Plants are known to boost mood and bring forth a positive vibe. At Plantscapes USA, we have some of the best indoor plant maintenance services Philadelphia has to offer so that you can boost your mood and spirit a natural way with the help of indoor plants.

Scientists believe that the lack of vitamin D rich sunlight affects our circadian rhythms, creating a biochemical reaction that is caused by drops in serotonin and changes in melatonin levels. These hormonal fluctuations make us moody, affect our appetite, and cause us to sleep too much or too little, to put it mildly. Your experience may be a bit more intense. You’re also pretty sure that you’d sleep the entire winter if you could. That is, when you’re not wide awake for hours for no reason whatsoever. This time of year just doesn’t do it for you and you can’t stop complaining about it. You keep saying how much you hate winter to anyone that will listen (and judging from the sneers they give you when you say it, they’re tired of hearing it.) The point is that, in your experience, winter just kind of sucks.

So you can’t do anything about winter. What you can do, though, is change your indoor environment so that it seems less wintery, less dull, less monochromatic. You just need to add a bit of greenery, fill your rooms with some foliage. Filling your apartment with lush and beautiful green plants can greatly increase your state of mind. You might be thinking that you are in no position to take care of any plants. Lucky for you, you won’t need to.

Plantscapes USA provides the best expert indoor plant maintenance services Philadelphia has to offer. We can help bring some summertime greenery into your home that will certainly lift your spirits. You see, studies have shown that plants purify the air and provide a calming, serene setting that is perfect for relaxing and boosting the mood. That’s what you need when the long months of winter seem to drag on endlessly. Now don’t worry, we understand that you might find the idea of trying anything this time of year exhausting and overwhelming. When you’re way into the depths of winter, it can feel like nothing is worth doing. That’s why Plantscapes USA is the perfect solution. You don’t have to do anything but contact us and we will get started.

When you choose our indoor plant maintenance services, our trained plant technicians will come to your home for a free horticulture consultation. During this visit, we will carefully determine what plants work best in your environment based on the light sources and humidity levels in your home. We’ll then set up a plan, select the plants and containers, and install them. We don’t stop there though. Instead, we will then schedule to visit your home weekly to take care of your plants so that you don’t have to. We will feed, water, fertilize, and nurture your plants, monitoring them and doing everything that we can so that they continue to thrive. We will even add moss to the soil, polish their containers, and so much more. When you select some of the best interior plant maintenance services Philadelphia has to offer from a company like Plantscapes USA, you can’t be SAD when you look around your home and see nothing but glossy, thriving plants in every corner, window, and crevice. Those green beauties will make you feel much better, even if it’s grey, cold, and snowing outside.

Winter is here, yes, but it doesn’t have to be so depressing. You just need to green up your space with lush plants that will keep your mind positive and your attitude thriving all winter long. Aside from these, plants offer a wide range of benefits that can assist in every aspect of your life. So, if you are ready to get your home, apartment, or office filled with lush greenery, contact us today. Plantscapes USA provides some of the best indoor plant maintenance services Philadelphia can offer and we are more than happy and always willing to give those who need it the gift of green plant life. Contact us today for your own free consultation.

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