Why You Should Have Indoor Houseplants

Many people can appreciate a beautiful garden on the outside of any home. However, not as many people understand and appreciate the benefits of having indoor houseplants, not only for the appeal but also for health! First, live house plants can help cleanse the air. Urban and city areas, like those in Philadelphia, tend to have higher rates of pollution, and many contemporary buildings are tightly sealed to increase heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning efficiency. However, this sealed-in effect can increase the potency of pollutants from many man-made products.

If you are living in a contemporary apartment building in Philadelphia, having a few indoor houseplants can greatly improve your air quality. Live indoor house plants can also help with humidity! Whether you are in the middle of a hot and humid Philadelphia summer, or you are feeling the dry cold of the winter, plants can help find a middle ground. In an overly dry environment due to heating in the winter, indoor houseplants can add moisture to the air to help prevent illness. Also, in the dense environment of the summer, indoor houseplants can help balance the moisture.

Home and Residential Plant Decoration
If you are looking to enhance the environment in your home, indoor houseplants are the best way to go. When you add houseplants to any room, you automatically make an environment more welcoming and cozy. A well-designed indoor houseplant arrangement can add to the style and elegance of any room in your house. What are some rooms that can be elevated with the addition of indoor houseplants? Rooms such as sunrooms, entryways, reading nooks, atriums, or even home offices! If you think you wouldn’t want to add indoor houseplants to your home office, then think again. Plants are found to increase employees (and your own) desire and ability to work.

Here at Plantscapes U.S.A, we specialize in the beautifully executed design, installation, and maintenance of live plants in both indoor and outdoor settings in the Philadelphia area. When you work with us, you will experience our meticulous approach to detail when it comes to every project, from your first vision to the completion and maintenance of your plants. Whether you want your business, your home, or a special event made into a lush and inviting place with exquisite, welcoming plants, we can help you achieve your vision. Contact us today at 610-329-3935 or email us at msplantscapes@gmail.comto learn more and start your journey towards beautiful indoor houseplants!

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