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Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance Philadelphia

Interior Plant Maintenance PhiladelphiaOur design and maintenance program includes:

  • Weekly visits by trained, fully equipped technicians.
  • Making sure your unique selection of plants are receiving adequate water.
  • Fertilizing all plant life as required keeping growth in a healthy state.
  • Cleansing and shining of foliage with necessary.
  • Pruning or removal of any undesirable foliage.
  • Repotting will be done, if necessary, with fresh applications of Spanish Moss or bark.
  • Regular inspections for pest and plant disease with appropriate treatment as necessary.

Additional Services:

  • Huge selection of international ceramics to compliment any d├ęcor or color scheme.
  • Water fountain environments, statuary and garden seating to improve the atmosphere of your special spaces.
  • Fresh Spanish or Sphagnam Moss and bark replaced when necessary.
  • Exterior of containers will be kept clean and attractive.

Let us bring life to your personal paradise; whether corporate or residential.

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